Market Segments

Markets Served

Whilst security has long been the preserve of the military and intelligence services, the modern technological era now demands that commercial activities, critical national infrastructure, proprietary and personal information be protected in much the same way that governments have done for centuries.

Hereford Infosec is able to deliver high quality Information Assurance (IA) services, backed by operational experience at national security levels of protection, to both private and public sectors.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Public sector organisations have varied requirements for Information Assurance, driven by both business requirements and the Government mandated Security Policy Framework (SPF).

Recent Government policy to deliver citizen-facing services online will only lead to greater strain on scarce in-house Information Assurance resources within the Public Sector.


Defence & Intelligence

The Defence and Intelligence sector has long had an understandable need for very high standards of Information Assurance, under the direction of NCSC, through the Security Policy Framework (SPF), JSP440 and JSP480.

Our services are able to extend across the full spectrum of IA including Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).


Law Enforcement

Cyber or Digital Crime, whether by the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to perpetrate crime or where ICT is the victim, has brought about increased strain on tightly constrained resources, especially when such resources need to be brought to bear in the fight against international terrorism.

As if cyber crime were not enough of an additional policing burden, Law Enforcement still faces the same requirement to secure internal and sensitive personal data against compromise of confidentiality, integrity and availability, in accordance with UK Governments’ Secure Policy Framework. And ACPO guidelines.



Healthcare providers are facing a deluge of sensitive personal information as medical science makes possible greater insight into illness and injury with attendant increase in information storage.

This storage will need not only to be safe from prying eyes but also available 24/7 for practitioner access.


Today’s commercial enterprises are faced with many conflicting demands on time and other scarce resources with criminal, civil and regulatory consequences for letting any issues ‘fall between the cracks’.

With so much being invested in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and the information stored and processed therein, there is a real need to ensure that such information is accessible, only to those who should have access, is uncorrupted, such that its veracity can be relied upon, and available, as and when needed, for business use.



Those operating in the legal profession are often privy to some of the most sensitive personal and business information entrusted by clients and Law Enforcement to 3rd parties – the potential consequences of civil, criminal and regulatory action, for failure to adequately secure such information, are self-evident.


Hotels & Conference Facilities

Publicly accessible conference facilities offer a valuable service to meeting organisers who either need to organise a meeting remote from their own facilities or have no such facilities of their own.

With constant access to such facilities by a variety of clients, maintenance and cleaning personnel, conference facilities are highly vulnerable and may undermine clients confidence in rented or 3rd party provided conference facilities.


Managed Offices

Managed office facilities offer a valuable service to clients who have no permanent office facility of their own or who are operating remote from their own office.

Operating away from Head Office is also to imply that clients are operating away from the security apparatus which is usually located at Head Office thus operating out of managed office facilities may incur a compromise in the security applied to proprietary information being processed off-premises.

Private Sector

Private Clients

Private clients often have as much need for securing personal information as corporate and public sector organisations, perhaps because of celebrity status, divorce or simply because you are interested in keeping your information confidential only to you.

Investigative journalists, private detectives, disaffected partners and family members with a grievance may attempt to gain ‘an edge’ by attempting to access personal or sensitive information within your private residence.

Hereford InfoSec is able to offer private individuals the same high standard of Information Assurance services as corporate and public sector organisations.

Services such as Consultancy, ISO27001 and GDPR Support can be employed to ensure your privacy.