About Hereford Infosec

The wax seal has been around since before biblical times and has been used across the centuries, to secure information from prying eyes as well as identifying and authenticating the originator of the massive.

Our Company…

Hereford Infosec has many years experience in providing high quality and professional Information Assurance (IA) & Risk Management (RM) services and products, to both private and public sectors, in order to appreciably improve clients’ ability to manage information risks. Based in the heart of the UK, we are ideally placed to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.

Our Strengths…

We only employ skilled and experienced IA specialists, principally from Military and Government backgrounds, ensuring that clients receive the highest levels of service and trust possible up to, and including, those associated with national security or critical infrastructure.

We have a large base of skills available within virtual teams to provide the most appropriate mix of skill sets for the task-at-hand. With diverse backgrounds of technical, operational and security experience, Hereford InfoSec truly represents a one-stop-shop for all your Information Assurance needs.

Our Ethos…

Hereford Infosec continually develops and deploys a portfolio of Information Assurance services to keep pace with ever-changing threat scenarios and the legal or regulatory obligations of its clients.

We hold client confidentiality above all else, with all its staff vetted to the highest levels.